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This spreadsheet has been developed for display owners to enable them to keep track of your collection of blow moulds (or any other types of lighting for that manner - just change the tab names). You can change data such as tab names or lamp sizes to fit your requirements.
Built-in adjustable formulas allow you to easily track the number of moulds you own and how many of each type of lamp you need. The tabs allow you to keep your archive organised rather than one massive list of every type of mould/decoration.
Originally developed for Christmas but you can alter it for other seasons with a bit of time - or even better, have a copy for each season - again, just adjust the tab names.


Blow Mould Archive - XLS (Excel) version - updated April 2021
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  • Welcome screen:
    • Automatically updated table showing number of moulds owned, by category
    • Automatically updated table showing quantities of lamps used/required
    • Overall Total of Moulds owned
  • Coloured/Tabs for grouping blow moulds
    • Record up to 93 different moulds in each tab - easily extendable by end user
    • Record "Description", "Size", "Manufacturer", "Quantity" & "Lamp Size" and "Image" for each mould
    • Arranged table showing Total Quantities of each lamp and Total Number of moulds for each tab. These tables are linked to the "Welcome" screen to automatically update the totals displayed there.

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