The 2014 display had lots of new additions including a long sought after nativity scene. Nativity scenes were hard to come by in Northern Ireland, but given our prevalent focus as a Christian family on the real meaning of the season, we decided the shipping costs from England were justified. We also added a colour changing 'mega tree' which wouldn't have been possible without the help and expertise of two friends, Daniel and David. This was also the first year of having Santa at the display handing out treat bags. We had also been offered a lot of Christmas decor and high-quality costumes belonging to Love for Life, in return for a donation to their work. We were very grateful to acquire our own high-quality costumes for our Santa events. But, perhaps the most poignant memory from 2014 was the passing of our good friend Andrew Wilson. We partnered with Marie Curie, a cause close to Andrew's heart, in order to dedicate the display to his memory.

raised for Marie Curie in 2014

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