We fundraised for Charlene's Project in 2013, which was our first year fundraising for charity. All of Charlene's fundraising, work and vision was focused on enabling children to have an education in Uganda. Charlene's vision was inspired by her own inability to attend school at the time due to medical reasons, but she was someone who had amazing drive and passion! You can read more about the work of Charlene's Project here. We were overwhelmed by the nearly £300 raised. Most of the new items in 2013 came from Andrew and Stephanie Wilson, who were known for their display at the centre of Maghaberry village. Despite Andrew's inability to run his display any longer, he thoroughly enjoyed seeing the lights at their new home. For Tim, lighting up his community with lights he had enjoyed as a child when visting the Wilson's display made it even more special.

raised for Marie Curie in 2013

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