Total Raised: £3740.19

This was our best ever year by almost £1000. The milder weather definitely helped with this. We were also very thankful for the support from the local and national media – you can look at those highlights further down this page. We had quite a few changes in 2019…first we had a brand new life-size nativity replacing the small nativity scene. The small nativity scene wasn’t redundant though…we used it, along with large storyboards along the edge of the driveway as an interactive walk-through of the Christmas story. As if that wasn’t enough, our pixel mega tree was accompanied by five new ‘mini trees’ and two spinning candy cane wheels. All of this was programmed to dance to a 10-15 minute music track (depending on how big the crowds were). Our arctic scene also had a new base layer of ‘fake snow’ rather than boring old grass…this simply addition enhanced this scene so much…flick back to the 2018 photos to see the difference!!