2014 Total £1013
2015 Total £1925

Marie Curie Cancer Care provides high quality care, free of charge, to those terminally ill with cancer and other illnesses. At present 30% of patients have a non-cancer diagnosis.

Many people who are seriously ill and for whom active treatment is no longer an option wish to remain at home for as long as possible in comfortable and familiar surroundings. The Marie Curie Nursing service can make that possible by providing nursing care directly into the patients home.

In Northern Ireland there are approximately 150 Marie Curie Nurses and Senior Health care Assistants who provide care. Typically, a Marie Curie Nurse will begin a working shift about 10 o’clock at night and will remain with that family right throughout the night until about 7am the next morning. When Marie Curie Nurses are in the home for hours at a time this gives the patient’s regular carers the chance to take a break from caring to rest, go shopping, keep in touch with the outside world or simply get a good night’s sleep.

The services are always tailored to suit the needs of a particular patient. Shifts can be provided during the day or twilight hours. There is a Rapid Response Team based at Craigavon Area Hospital who can respond to crises during the night. Often, this prevents unwanted and unnecessary hospital admissions.

The flexible hours worked by Marie Curie Nurses allows them to respond to the individual needs of patients and their families.  The shifts worked give both patient and family the chance to discuss their worries and fears with a sympathetic professional who has time to listen.

Patients are also cared for at the Marie Curie Hospice in Belfast. This is a purpose-built unit with 18 beds. Patients receive a high standard of specialised care, giving them the best possible quality of life.

 In 2013/14 Marie Curie provided over 80,000 hours of care to over 1500 patients in NI.

Although Marie Curie does receive some funding from the government about 70% of our funds come by way of voluntary support from the public through donations, events and gifts in wills.

Join with the team at Tim’s Lights in the bringing worthwhile funds to the very good cause which is Marie Curie Cancer Care. Ever penny counts. You can donate at or by dropping a donation into the charity box on-site. Every penny counts!

Fundraising Groups exist throughout Northern Ireland, including Craigavon. They are always keen to attract new members. Anyone interested  should get in touch with us on and we will get you sorted out.

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2013 Total £294

Charlene’s Project is a great locally based charity who work with communities in Uganda to bring them housing and education.

In case you don’t know this amazing charity was chosen by myself to donate the money to as I have close connections with Charlene’s Project through helping run events in my former school.

Charlene Barr (who grew to set up Charlene’s Project) was born on the 18th July, 1990 with Cystic Fibrosis.  She was very ill and spent her first year in hospital during which time it looked like she wouldn’t survive. Following her first birthday, social services began to look for temporary foster placement to enable Charlene to leave hospital for the first time.  Charlene was introduced to the Barr family where, short term fostering became long term fostering became adoption.
However, despite her illness, Charlene had a dream of building a Primary School for children in Maya, Kampala, Uganda as she was unable to attend school herself and wanted to use her talents in some way.
In September 2009, she launched ‘Charlene’s Project’ in order to raise the initial £70,000 required to get the work started.
However, on Saturday 30th October 2010, at the precise time when the ground was being cleared to start the foundations of the “Hidden Treasures Primary School”, Charlene sadly passed away – she was just 20 years of age. ( – source for info)

This is why I decided to collect for Charlene’s Project at our first Charity Christmas Lights Display. I was fortunate enough to interview Richard Barr (father of Charlene) on my radio show on 102.4 Shine FM which a local radio station with a Christian ethos. This way I was able to raise awareness of what I was doing for such an amazing charity and this helped contribute to our successful collection (as did the support of Richard Barr and the Barr family)

Check out all the work of Charlene’s Project on